Friday, January 15, 2010

Epic E-pics.

Want to see our favorite engagement photos?

We got lucky on the day of the shoot. It was the day after Homecoming and rained the entire drive there. The sun literally came out just as we got to campus. Our second lucky strike came when we realized the football stadium was open.

We started by the Big M in the north end zone of Faurot Field. We love football, so it was a HUGE deal to be on the field.

Then we canoodled in the stands for a little bit.

And headed for center field.

My 110% fave of all of our pics.

This would be us in the season ticket seats we always borrow from The Fiance's aunt and uncle. Did I mention we love football?

The tunnel walls actually say "Mizzou Tigers," which didn't turn out, but the shot is still pretty cool, no?

Welcome, indeed.

And then we ventured onto the Quad. The leaves were PERFECT.

Hey, handsome.

I know you.

The Columns are one of the best known features on the campus. My adoring looks at The Fiance are not one of my best known.
This is The Fiance's favorite.

The Fiance spent the entire day telling me jokes under his breath, which means I am laughing in most pictures.

This is the last pic we took, literally as the rain started back up again.

I have like 80 more if you want to see those, too .... I am almost as in love with these photos as I am with my future husband.

Did you take engagement photos? Do you looooooooooove them?