Saturday, April 3, 2010

Way Better than a Love Fern

The Fiance and I decided to give each other a wedding gift a little early.  When we bought our house last year, we planned to plant a tree in the front yard when we got married.  As it turns out, September is not tree-planting season, so we did it this weekend instead.

The Fiance bought me a crimson maple.  As it turns out, my Daddy-O also bought my Mama a crimson maple to celebrate her first Mother's Day.  An accidental coincidence, but still one that makes me happeeeeee.

So The Fiance and I planted a tree today.  And by The Fiance and I, I mean The Fiance and my Daddy-O. Super manly and important male bonding happened.

Wedding Tree: check! 

So here's our house now, a year after we moved in:

And here's what we expect it to look like in 20 years or so:
(artist's rendering)

Will you and your fiance be getting wedding gifts for each other?  Will you commemorate the occasion in a special way?