Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's Fall in Love: We're just here for cake.

After toasts and dinner, Kenny and I had the very important task of cutting our cake.

In my life, I've seen a lot of cakes.  I've eaten a lot of cakes.  I've even made a lot of cakes.  But this was my first go at cutting into a four-tier pile of cake.  As it turns out, it's not as easy as it looks.

We have a beautiful cake cutting set that my mother in law gifted us at one of my bridal showers, and I was excited to use it.  We played Sugar Pie Honeybunch and quite literally hacked into that gorgeous cake.  It was not pretty.

The slices into the cake were not the hard part, but as soon as that mission was accomplished, we realized a flaw in the plan.  How do you get your newly minted slice of cake out from other the three tiers on top of it?  Kenny and I were muttering to each other about what the heck we were supposed to do now, and there were about a hundred sets of eyes watching us figure it out.

I feel like cake cutting is the first test of marriage.

So after a few minutes of struggling, which felt like eternity, we scooped a small wedge of cake onto a plate.  By the time we had it out, our little slice had completely fallen apart and it looked wholly unappetizing.  But we soldiered on.

Worth it.  It was totally amazing cake.  We went with devil's food cake with vanilla buttercream filling in two layers and white chocolate sponge cake with fudge ganache filling in the other.  We had sliced into the dark chocolate ... and it was awesome.

Yayyyyy cake!  If there's one thing we love, it's cake.

My mom was adament throughout the planning process that there should be no cake smashing when we did the cutting.  I 99% agreed with her.  I didn't want to get cake on my dress or start a food fight.  But surely a little boop on the nose with some buttercream never hurt anyone.


And with that, cake was served!  The hotel wheeled it off to be sliced and Kenny and I went to take our first dance together. 

In case you missed it ...

I bought a dress and completely changed it.  We had a marathon final week of engagement.  I giggled my way through our rehearsal.  Kenny got grilled at our rehearsal dinner.  The groomsmen ran amok in downtown Springfield. The girls got gorgeous.  We exchanged mushy wedding-day gifts.  The guys got fancy and then got dancy.  I became a Bride.  There was a first First Look. I shared my Somethings.  The boys made the most of trolley-time. And did their thing on the Capital grounds. The girls took photos at the hotel. Everyone arrived at the church. We walked down the aisle. We declared our intentions and my cousin preached. We exchanged our vows. Our hands were blessed. Kenny put a ring on it and kissed his bride. We were pronounced Mr and Mrs! We left the church in a blizzard of confetti, and took a "just-married" trolley ride. We made it legal. We took pictures with our families, followed by wedding party portraits. I hit a low point. We received our guests. The wedding party was introduced. My Dad checked his toast off of his to-do list. Our Best Man and Maid of Honor shared toasts as well.

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  1. I remember having this exact moment with Paulie and thinking to myself that I could not mess up cutting the cake. It seemed like such a simple and delicious task yet it was more difficult than I care to admit :) But damn, that cake was worth the struggle :)


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