Friday, July 29, 2011

Five for Friday, vol 8

1. You are impossible to surprise.

2. You have a psychic connection with TJ Max.

3. Your default choice for dinner is always Chinese.

4. You think I'm sexy.

5. You have the best friends and I am lucky to know them through you.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Five for Friday, vol 7

1. Going to the grocery store with you is a commitment - both of extra time and money. You are the slowest cart-pusher ever. You got lapped by the dude on the Rascal.

2. You love to look at every new item the food industry has produced since the last time you were at the store - including watermelon Gushers, organic cereal bars, salad dressing, and 8 kinds of hot sauce.

3. You really love weird produce. And you like to push the cart because "it's man work."

4. Ringing up the final tab, which was higher than normal simply because you were there, mind you, causes you to get an expression on your face akin to what I imagine you having an aneurysm would look like. Complete with eye twitching.

5. After bringing home a literal car load full of delicious food items, you announce in the whiniest voice possible for a grown man to muster, that you're upset because I didn't even buy you a cookie.

Love you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Fall in Love: Better to Receive

After the fast pace of the wedding day up until this point, taking a few moments to calm and quiet after my dress was bustled was a huge relief.  The lingering bridesmaids were sent out into the cocktail hour and the parents were collected to join us in the ballroom.

Mr LikesIt and I had decided to skip a receiving line at the church, but we still wanted the opportunity to greet our guests.  When the venue coordinator suggested that we release the guests into the ballroom for dinner by way of a short recieving line, we jumped on the idea. 

It allowed us to see everyone, lots of hugs and hellos.  It helped stem the flow of traffic so people could find their tables without 175 people trying to do so all at once.  It moved along quickly and flowed naturally - guests still in the cocktail space didn't line up, just waited their turn and mingled.

For some couples, I think the receiving line right after the ceremony would be a huge blur.  You're on such a high right after the vows that I can't imagine seeing all of the guests right then would really sink in.  I think the best part about waiting for an hour is the fact that I remember every single person I talked to as they came in.  I got the chance to hug and laugh and warmly greet every guest, and I remember it.

 I hadn't particularly been looking forward to the recieving line, honestly.  It was one of a million details that were considered during planning and it just didn't make the list of moments and memories I thought I would have looking back.  But now that we're close to a year later, I can honestly say that it was an incredibly enjoyable and gratifying experience.

I mean, every person that came through was like icing on the cake.  OMG you came! And you! And you! And you!  There was spinning, hugging, laughing, squealing.  I even jumped up and down at one point.  And our guests did right along with us.  Talk about love in the room.  It was very intense and almost overwhelming.  I am so glad we greeted our guests this way instead of at the church or circling around to tables.  It was awesome.  We are so lucky to have so many great people in our lives.

This is Grant, the only child under ten we invited.  This face, when he saw the cake, was worth it.  Hide your daughters, people, he's a charmer already and he hasn't even started kindergarten.

How did you greet your guests?  Was it a positive experience?

In case you missed it ...

I bought a dress and completely changed it.  We had a marathon final week of engagement.  I giggled my way through our rehearsal.  Mr LikesIt got grilled at our rehearsal dinner.  The groomsmen ran amok in downtown Springfield. The girls got gorgeous.  We exchanged mushy wedding-day gifts.  The guys got fancy and then got dancy.  I became a Bride.  There was a first First Look. I shared my Somethings.  The boys made the most of trolley-time. And did their thing on the Capital grounds. The girls took photos at the hotel. Everyone arrived at the church. We walked down the aisle. We declared our intentions and my cousin preached. We exchanged our vows. Our hands were blessed. Mr LikesIt put a ring on it and kissed his bride. We were pronounced Mr and Mrs! We left the church in a blizzard of confetti, and took a "just-married" trolley ride. We made it legal. We took pictures with our families, followed by wedding party portraits. We hit a low point.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Five for Friday, vol 6

1.  Your big flip flops make mine look small and dainty.

2. "Why you do that to me???"

3.  Summer Beard is an entirely different color than the rest of your hair.

4.  You think I was the inventor of pasta with oil and garlic.

5.  You secretly love Bethenny Frankel.  Just admit it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Five for Friday, vol 5

1.  You got really excited to try a new sushi place that just opened in our area.

2.  You know what to do when there is a ladder in the fast lane of the highway.

3.  You worked your ass off for that promotion (and I am SO proud of you!!)

4.  You look cute in plaid shorts.

5.  You hate hearing about my "I wish we had done this for the wedding" thoughts because it was your most perfect day and wouldn't change a thing.