Monday, April 2, 2012

She's ready to POP!

When my best friend Jen announced her pregnancy the last year, the first thing I did was start crying and hug her. The second thing I did was ask to host a baby shower. Jen and I have been friends since high school, which means we've seen each other through some incredible life changes - bad boyfriends and great husbands, picking a major (me) and picking a med school (her), relocations, promotions, new homes, and a couple of puppies. Jen has always known exactly what she wanted and nothing has thrilled me more than watching her dreams of becoming a doctor, a wife, and now a mama all come true.

Also, throwing a baby shower is just plain FUN. Along with Jen's mom and our other bestie Sarah, we planned a pink-pink-pink party with a "Ready to POP" theme.

In terms of decor, we wanted to go as pink, fluffy, and girly as possible.  Nothing less would be right for Jen and her daughter.  I originally attempted to make string globes for centerpieces, but I couldn't get them to quite come together.  Martha to the rescue! Instead, I made tissue poms in various sizes and shades of pink.  I made the table runners by cutting table sheeting into strips.

In lieu of lots of games, Sarah set white burps cloths at each place setting for guests to decorate with pastel fabric pens.  After all the gifts were opened, Jen selected a handful of favorites and the creators were awarded with bouquets of lollipops.

Along with yummy finger foods and iced coffee punch, we had cake ... lots of cake.  I might have overdone it on the cake (but I just could not help myself!)

Whipt Cream Bakery did an amazing job on the desserts - not that I'm surprised.  They have never failed me!  I brought in an invite and a request from the mama-to-be for cupcakes, and matched my ideas PERFECTLY.  Look at that cake!

It's a perfect match!

Pink-pink-pink!  I love a reason to use my cake stands.

How cute are the little bows on the cupcakes?  I die.

A big pile of presents later (... handmade bedding, baby Uggs, an adorable zebra tutu ...) that baby girl is spoiled and she isn't even here yet!  Just the way it should be.  

And I got to hang out with the coolest baby so far.  This is Lucy.  Don't you just want to squeeze her?

Now that Baby B has been properly showered, the countdown has begun.  Jen is on leave and a few days away from her EDD and I keep obsessively checking my phone for updates.  I am trying to keep myself from asking that awful "have you had that baby yet" question, but I am on the edge of my seat.  So far, my friends have all been blessed with beautiful babies (whom I don't get to see nearly enough), and I know Baby B will be no exception.  I can't wait to meet her!

Lesson learned: my DIY skills have not improved since wedding planning, but I certainly love baby showers.  I kind of want to host another ... so who is next??


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