Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Second Year

I believe in a thing called love ...
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart.

Dear Kenny,

Has it really been two years since this moment when we exchanged vows, rings, and love letters written with the exact same words? So much has changed, and yet so little. No longer newlyweds, but still full of as much joy and hope for the future as that day. I learn lessons nearly every day about what it means to be your spouse, as well as some new way that I love you (and that you love me). Thank you for your silliness, for your sensibilities, and for your support. You make it so easy to have a happily ever after.

From September 4 to Infinity, minus two years.


  1. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Schmitz:
    We are so happy that you two are so happy! It's very clear to us that you are - it's always fun to see you both and to share in the Smizer Mill Glow for a little while. We both hoped that you would be as happy together as we are, and so far, that wish for you both is coming true! Here's to many more Happy Anniversaries!

    Mr. & Mrs. Rippel

  2. Happy Anniversary....may you be as happy tomorrow as you are today.....

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Kenny!


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